whether it's your family, you and your significant other, your non-profit, or the biggest celebration of your life, Iet's capture your story- together! With a creative, storytelling approach I look forward to creating something stunning together and showcasing your story with excelllence. 


Hi I'm Carly, a Florida native who had the joy of studying photography in the fjords of Norway, + currently residing in Atlanta, GA. I love tacos, getting to know people, making V60 coffee (Ethiopian is my favourite), + embracing unfamiliar cultures. Photography is by far my favorite art form (coffee is a close second) that uniquely communicates how we see the world and offers endless opportunities for growth. 


Why photography? Everyone has a story. Connecting with people around the world and tastefully capturing those stories through photography is my specialty. I like to take a "we're in this together" approach to shoots and create moments, not just poses together with clients. Aside from capturing the beauty of people, my favourite is to showcase the in-between, mundane things and making them beautiful. 


Why Belyst? I'm a words person, so when I learned the word "belyst" in Norwegian meant "illuminated" or to highlight (for lack of a better direct translation), I realised that the word epitomised what I aim to create. To bring light to different parts of who you are- to bring light to your story.

Now let's make some magic!

Questions? Let's talk! Shoot me an email at belystphoto@gmail.com.




Take a peek below to see past work get a feel for my style.
Think we're good match? Let's talk! For questions or to book, email me at belystphoto@gmail.com



the big day!

love + such

engagements, couples, etc.


littles and the ones that love them most


a standard look at the inquiry process

you send an email containing details of what you're looking for and any additional questions

we talk details

(location, vision, etc.) 

if inquiring for a wedding, prefer to talk in person or on skype

before the big day.

we create something beautiful

I send sneak peeks within 2 days

you receive a link to your online

gallery with edited images

let's talk!

Atlanta based. Always down to travel.

If you're wondering about pricing, interested in purchasing prints, or have any other questions, shoot me an email at belystphoto@gmail.com.

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